Intro – #Romance #Suspense – Crime of Fashion by Karen Cote’

Prologue Crime of Fashion “Shh…my darling,” he whispered. “It’s okay. Relax, don’t resist it.” Passion surged at the tear-drenched windows of fear shining through her deep blue eyes. Power fed his adrenaline to almost fever pitch but his hands remained steady and his breathing calm. As calm as the still breeze on this moonlit night. [Read On]


Complimentary Scene-ic Graphic Design Opportunity for #Christian Romance Writers

Wanna have some fun? One lucky individual will get a graphic of their very own to share on their media sites. So, I was going about my day and I was thinking for myself, whom, technically, come to think about it, is the only one I can think for, or at least, where thinking is [Read On]


Little Latte’s Readers Rule, Rule No. 6 – Live Chats @CoffeeTimeRoman

Welcome back to Little Latte’s Readers Rule – Rule #6 Rule #6 is themed: Coffee Time Romance & More’s Great Introduction And it is an absolute must for the avid reader. You see – we like things personal. A place to find out more about an author. Not just what can be found between the [Read On]


Little Latte’s Readers Rule Series, Rule No. 5 @CoffeeTimeRoman

Details, details, details! We readers need details if we are going to discover what our favorite author is writing or ways to discover new writers as well as new books. Well, at Coffee Time Romance and More, a reader not only receives detailed information about authors and their novels, but the actual dates they will [Read On]


StoryGraphic – A Novel Creation by Heart to Art Designs

What is StoryGraphic? Created by Heart to Art Designs, StoryGraphic is an added resource to capture a reader’s attention of an author’s novel. In the current temperature of social media, efforts are needed to heat up the interest of readers currently scanning the web for their next read. That means doing something different. A way [Read On]

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