treatment for chronic dehydration



There are a number of potential causes for chronic dehydration. If a person is not taking in enough floods or have an illness they may easily become dehydrated, There are treatment for chronic dehydration to help a person to feel better again.
Drink Chamomile Tea
This tea is decaffeinated and will help replace fluids that the body has lost. This tea also has natural properties that will help relieve pain such as stomach cramps that come with dehydration.
Eat Bananas
Bananas have a high water content and will replenish potassium levels in the body. This will help a person hydrate and rebuild their vitamin supply.
Mix a cup of buttermilk with half a teaspoon of dry ginger. This drink should be consumed three times a day. This will help replenish the body and people that are suffering from chronic dehydration.
Chronic dehydration can have a number of serious affects on a person’s health. These tips will help a person stay hydrated and prevent chronic dehydration.