Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

There are mixed thoughts about when someone is at risk of diabetes. Generally, Type 1 diabetes is noticed from child birth. The baby will be put on insulin and monitored.

However, type 2 diabetes can develop as an adult. Generally, people at risk of diabetes are those who are overweight. Usually doctors measure one’s weight and height norms according to the Body Mass Index (BMI). People who are 26 and above on the BMI scale are said to have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes.

There is some debate among the community regarding this fact though. Some people believe that type 2 diabetes has nothing to do with consuming too much sugar, which is essentially excess calories. They just believe that the disease develops over time through no fault of one’s own.

This might be an appealing theory, however, studies show that diet and exercise can actually reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes. This presents an appealing case that lifestyle is related to the development of type 2 diabetes.